Winterguard Rehearsal Location Update for Saturday 2/8/2020

Good Evening Winterguard Families,

The following changes, unfortunately, have to be made to the Winterguard schedule for this weekend:

The Saturday rehearsal prior to us departing for Patriot HS will need to be at THS.  We have hit some logistical issues on 2 things:

  • We cannot fit the props through the doorways at Dominion Trail ES

  • We do not have access to the trailer until after IDL has returned to the school after their performance. 

Winterguard staff, Andy, and I have discussed the best and safest scenario for the carpool.  By having carpool drivers deliver BRHS students to the Tuscarora rehearsal, we will not have a situation where BRHS student vehicles are left at Tuscarora.

  • The BRHS kids and parents will all start and end the day at BRHS.
    • BRHS Students will meet at Broad Run HS
    • BRHS Carpools will deliver BRHS students to Tuscarora HS
    • BRHS Carpools will pick up BRHS students at Tuscarora HS and drive to Patriot HS
    • BRHS kids will depart Patriot HS in their BRHS carpools and return to BRHS
    • Parents will pick-up their students at BRHS. 
  • The THS kids will start and end their day at Tuscarora.  
    • THS students will meet at Tuscarora HS
    • The THS carpool will pick up THS students at Tuscarora and drive to Patriot HS
    • The THS carpool will depart Patriot HS and return to THS
    • THS Parents will pick up at THS

We apologize for this late change to the schedule – unfortunately, these logistical issues are beyond our control.

Parents do not need to re-sign PermissionClick forms that are already submitted, which stated that arrival/departure is from Broad Run. The PermissionClick forms have been updated to state “Departure varies depending on show day and rehearsal schedule” and this carries back to forms that were already submitted.

Adria Dyson will be working over the next few days to ensure that we have sufficient drivers for our carpools.

Parents, finally, if you have not submitted your student’s PermissionClick forms, we must have these before this Saturday’s competition. As of 11AM on Tuesday, we have not received the Acknowledgment of Risk and School Day/Extended Day Field Trip Permission Forms for:

Makani Bennett
Morgan Ogle
Ailsa Young

We also have not received the School Day/Extended Day Field Trip Permission Forms for:

Chris Taylor

I will receive an update on received forms from Andy on Wednesday morning and follow up directly with the students/parents whose forms continue to be outstanding.


In addition to my previous Permission Form email, the links to the forms may be found on our BRHSBBA website and also on the Broadarora Facebook Group.

Thank you,

Tammie Willenbrock
VP, Communications