Winterguard: Permission Forms

Good Afternoon Winterguard Families,

Parents, please complete the following Permission Click forms for your Winterguard participant(s). We must receive your Permission Click authorization before our Winterguard program travels – these forms are required by LCPS.

(Note: We are aware that the forms state Stone Hill MS – Andy Schlaf, our Winter Season coordinator, teaches at Stone Hill MS and his school appears by default.)

LCPS Acknowledgement of Risk:

LCPS School Day & Extended Day Field Trip Permission Form:

LCPS Overnight & Foreign Field Trip Student Participation and Permission Form – WGI Richmond:

LCPS Overnight & Foreign Field Trip Student Participation and Permission Form – AIA Finals:

Additionally, if your student requires medication – whether over the counter or prescription – please print and complete the LCPS Authorization for Medication Administration form:

  • This document is required by LCPS if your student will need to take prescription medication during rehearsals or throughout the season while traveling to and performing at competitions.
  • If your student requires a prescription, your doctor must complete and sign a portion of the form. This may be a copy of the Medication Authorization form that you have provided to your school nurse.
  • If your child requires an over the counter medication, no doctor’s signature is required.
  • We must receive a separate LCPS Authorization for Medication Administration form for each medication that your student needs to take during rehearsals or performances.
  • Parents must provide the medications to our Student Services team – they may not be delivered by a student.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns with these forms.

Tammie Willenbrock
VP, Communications
Broad Run HS Band Boosters Association