Spring 2021 Marching Band: Important Information

(This post contains the corrected information about the Marching Band Participation fee.)

Our Spring 2021 Marching Season has finally arrived and Marching Band Rehearsals get underway next week!

Right now, we are only announcing the rehearsal dates and times for the months of February and March, which also includes our Spring Break Band Camp. You can always visit our website to check the Band’s schedule at www.brhsbba.org – you can even sync the calendar to your Google or iCal calendar! To make it even easier for you to remember the schedule, we’ve prepared a handout with all of the rehearsal dates. You can download your copy here:

Parents, we have some important details for you:

LCPS Forms
Loudoun County Public Schools requires all participants in the Marching Band Program to complete a series of Permission Forms for the season. The following forms must be completed and turned in on the first day of Introductory Practice/Fundamentals, which is Tuesday, February 9, 2021.

For students who require medication to be administered:

  • LCPS Authorization for Medication Administration

    ✓  This document is required by LCPS if your student will need to take prescription medication during rehearsals, Spring Band Camp or while traveling to performances.

    ✓  If your student requires a prescription, your doctor must complete and sign a portion of

    ✓ If your child requires an over the counter medication, no doctor’s signature is required.

    ✓  We must receive a separate LCPS Authorization for Medication Administration form for each medicine that your student needs to take during rehearsals or performances.

    ✓  Parents must provide the medications to our Student Services team – they may not be delivered by a student.

If your student requires an inhaler or an Epi-Pen, and because students have not yet been in classrooms, the appropriate Classroom Action Plan and Physician Order and Action Plan must be completed for the student to carry their inhaler or Epi-Pen during rehearsal. Please see the following documents to determine whether they are appropriate for your student’s health situation:

We will be distributing the LCPS School Day and Extended Day Field Trip Permission form at a later date, as we have not yet received this form from Admin.

Marching Band Participation Fees
The Broad Run High School Band Boosters Association Board has set this year’s Marching Band Participation fee as follows:

1st Marching Spartans Members in a family:                                                $250.00*
Subsequent Sibling Marching Spartans Member Discounted Fee:           $175.00

* 1st Marching Band Member’s Participation Fee includes a $25.00 required BRHSBBA Membership fee for parents.

Invoices are being processed and will be sent out to Band Parents shortly. Financial aid is available for those who may need it – more information can be found on our website at:

Please contact our Treasurer directly at treasurer@brhsbba.org if your family needs assistance.

2020-2021 Broad Run High School Band Boosters Association Budget
The BRHSBBA Board has prepared a draft budget for review and approval for the 2020-2021 year. We ask all parents to download and review the budget.

Broad Run High School Band Boosters Association Virtual Parent Meeting
We will be hosting a virtual BRHSBBA Parent Meeting on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM and we kindly ask that all parents plan to attend the meeting since this year’s Marching Band season looks quite different. For safety, we will email the meeting link to all Marching Spartans parents on the day of the meeting.

Mr. Blanks and the BRHSBBA Board will be presenting details about how the season will proceed and we will also be addressing the following business:

  • Voice/Show of Hands vote to finally elect our 2020-2021 BRHSBBA Officers:
    • President: Vacancy (Interested? Please let us know!)
    • Vice President, Communications: Tammie Willenbrock (incumbent)
    • Vice President, Fundraising: Vacancy (Interested? Please let us know!)
    • Vice President, Student Services: Robin Rosenthal
    • Vice President, Volunteers: Adria Dyson (incumbent)
    • Treasurer: Lisa Taylor
    • Secretary: Barb Tanner (incumbent)
  • Vote to approve our 2020-2021 Budget

Finally, if you have not already done so, we invite you to join our private BRHSBBA Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/brhsbba. Throughout the season, we post information in the group and parents often share photos and videos of rehearsals and performances.

If you have any questions about the Marching Band season, please reach out to Mr. Blanks (Eric.Blanks@lcps.org) or the BRHSBBA Board (board@brhsbba.org). We’re more than happy to help! We’ve missed the Marching Band family and we’re so happy that our students will be able to participate in the activity this year.