Mickman Brothers Holiday Greenery


Thank you for participating in the latest fundraiser for the band. Funds raised during this effort go towards keeping your band fees down. Your band program costs about $80,000.00 each year to put on. Fundraisers like this one cut those fees in half, making it possible for more students to participate.

As mentioned at the kickoff meeting, if we meet our goal of raising $1,500.00, we will have a victory celebration! To meet this goal, each person should sell six items.

Important Dates:

  • Oct 1st – Kickoff (already happened) – students received a catalog, order forms, instruction sheet, and an envelope to hold and track orders.
  • Oct 25th – Orders Due – Not negotiable! Orders will be submitted on Oct. 28th. If a form isn’t turned in on time, it won’t get submitted.
  • Dec. 8th – All orders will be delivered by this date.

Important Notes

  • Make checks payable to BRHSBBA.
  • Gather funds at the time of order.
  • One product per form. This is because each form has a gift message to go with the product.
  • If you need more forms, contact Becky Beach immediately so I can get them to you.
  • For each product ordered, Mickman Brothers will plant a tree.


  • Classic Wreath – $35.00
  • Candlelit Centerpiece – $38.00
  • 22” Table-Top Tree – $38.00
  • Victorian Wreath – $42.00
  • Cranberry Splash Wreath – $42.00
  • Wintergreen Wreath – $42.00
  • 40” Live Christmas Tree – $60.00

Please click here to view a sample copy of the order form with prices.

Contact Becky Beach, fundraising@brhsbba.org for more information.