Field Trip Conduct and Expectations for Performers

We represent not only ourselves but also Broad Run High School whenever we are at competitions, even when we are stopping to eat at a restaurant. With that in mind, there are certain school standards we must adhere to at all times and general performance etiquette we follow, including —

  1. School dress code policies are followed at all times.
  2. School policies are in place including the alcohol, tobacco and firearms policies as well as the drug policies. Prescription Medications: If you are taking prescription medications, a Loudoun County Staff Member or your parent must carry these medications for you as well as administer them. This includes over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol. You must also have the appropriate permission slips on file for taking prescription and over-the-counter medications. A first aid bag is carried with us at all times.
  3. Students may not leave the competition site at any time. If your parent wants to pick you up early and drive you home separately you must let one of the coaches know and make a point to stop and say goodbye, with your parent, at the time you leave. Studies must be accounted for at all times for the student’s safety.
  4. Students must have a buddy at every event. No student can go anyway alone (even to the snack bar or rest rooms).
  5. When at the competition site, never make a negative comment about another group or performer. Even if you think there is no one around, remember, the next person to walk by or the person sitting next to you could be a parent or grandparent of a performer in that group. You all know how hard you work to produce your show. Think about how much it would hurt to hear someone make negative comments towards your performance. Above all, we must demonstrate good sportsmanship and support all of our fellow competitors and performers. Praise the positive. Clap for all.
  6. Performers are to sit together as a group at all other times in the stands. Performers should be familiar with and follow competition rules including, where students may sit following their performance. Most of the time it will be on the back side of the stands.
  7. During awards ceremonies make sure to support your student representatives by cheering appropriately when our school name is announced regardless of placement. If we win an award make sure to cheer for your accomplishment but also make sure to quiet down before the next group is announced so they can hear their name as well. Always clap for other performers.
  8. Public displays of affection with other students is never appropriate.
  9. Finally, we expect nothing but the best behavior on all trips. Thank your bus drivers for driving you, clean up after yourself, thank all the parent helpers, say please and thank you in line for the concession stands, say excuse me in the hall and wish all performers you see in the hallway a good performance. You get the idea! Smiles are contagious!