Band Updates – What We Know

Good Morning Students and Families,

I hope this email finds everyone well, healthy and enjoying summer so far! I wanted to provide some clarifying details and give you a brief update on what we know and what is to come, especially after the VHSL announcement regarding fall athletics.

First, please realize that VHSL is not the governing body for marching band like they are for athletics. While we follow their safety precautions and guidelines, their announcement doesn’t have much of an impact on our schedule, minus our athletic commitments on the calendar. VBODA, VMBC and other competition organizations have a greater impact on our schedule as well as LCPS. We are still expecting to start in August and we are optimistically looking ahead until we hear otherwise.

I was hoping to provide you more details today, however those details keep changing and evolving. I am trying to (somewhat) limit the amount of emails you receive! Below is a list of what I know and what is to come.

Known details:

  • Student and staff safety remain top priority. Band camp, in any capacity, will look different in terms of schedule and logistics. Many of these are being worked out still, but realize these logistics require an extreme amount of detail (in some cases, measurements of 6-10 feet inside!) to keep students and staff safe.
  • Students will be required to bring to every rehearsal: Mask, individual water, individual snack if needed, individual sunscreen and bug spray, individual equipment necessary for playing an instrument or spinning. We will not be allowed to provide water or snacks and sharing of any items are prohibited.
  • Color guard and percussion equipment will be individually assigned and will not be allowed to be shared. More details will come as we firm up our schedule details.

Details to come:

  • Start date: I have a district meeting Monday to determine the best course of action for when to start. This will impact the calendar and I am holding off on saying anything until then.
  • Return to Rehearsal: This plan will outline all of our logistics and safety precautions that will be taken. Once approved by LCPS, details will be made available.
  • Music: Will be released soon. I am holding off for now until we firm up other details.

As always, if there is anything you need from me or if you have any questions, please let me know! I want to thank you ahead of time for your patience and flexibility as we begin to approach August. Continue to enjoy your summer and as we firm up details I will be sure to pass them along!


Eric Blanks, MMEd.
Band Director, Broad Run High School