A Typical Competition Day

Competition days are generally an all-day event — the specific arrival, departure and return times will be announced midway through the week prior to the competition via email. Unfortunately, we are unable to make these announcements earlier because the final competitors and performance times are generally not posted any earlier. As soon as we know, we will let you know. A typical performance day schedule:

  1. We usually arrive at the school 3 to 5 hours prior to our departure time. The team will warm-up, practice and review routines before we leave.
  2. Next, we will take a break to eat a snack or lunch, put on costumes and make-up, and use the restroom.
  3. There will be a set time when parent and student helpers should arrive. At that point we will go back to the gym (or cafeteria), do one final run through of the show from set-up to tear-down. Each helper will be assigned a specific duty so that the set-up and clean-up can happen as quickly as possible so that we do not sustain penalties.
  4. Next, we will fold the floor and load it for delivery to the competition. The parent crew will load the trailer (props and equipment) while students load the bus or an assigned car pool. Parents are welcome to ride the bus, if used.
  5. We will depart Broad Run allowing enough time to arrive at the competition site at least 1 hour prior to our scheduled warm-up.
  6. At the competition site we will give the students time to use the restroom and then we will begin stretching (usually in the school auditorium). During this time, parents can go watch the competition with the plan to meet us at the staging area at our assigned on deck time.
  7. Performers will move through the warm-up process with the coaches according to the host school’s schedule. They will then meet the parent crew at the on deck location.
  8. Parents and crew usually help with set up and then go into the stands to watch the performance.
  9. Afterwards, students and crew will gather equipment, floor and props and exit performance area.
  10. The floor will be refolded in a specifically assigned area following the performance. Parents and crew will then load equipment into the trailer,
  11. Performers, except the captains, will change out of uniform into their guard t-shirts. Staff will remain in the gym to watch the rest of the competitors in our class.
  12. All students will return together to the gym to watch the rest of the competition. Students may take a few minutes at this time to buy dinner or a snack from the concession stand.
  13. After the final performance, it will take a little while for the results to be calculated. The hosts will call for the “retreat” and hold the awards ceremony.
  14. After awards, the students and parents will return to the bus (or car pools) while the staff members attend the judges’ critique (which may take up to ½ hour). When the staff members return, we will depart for Broad Run.
  15. Students will call parents at this time and let them know when to expect us to arrive back at the school.
  16. Upon arrival at the school all students are to help with unloading the trailer and the equipment. And then everyone is free to go home.

We get a limited number of free admissions for parents. These free tickets will be rotated from competition to competition among those parents on the crew with priority given to those with the most overall volunteer hours. Other parents will need to pay an admission fee which is usually around $12 to $15.00. Concessions are available at all competitions, as are souvenirs.

Occasionally, we may stop at a restaurant to eat during a long trip. These stops will be announced prior to the trip so that students can come prepared.