2018 TAG Day – September 8, 2018 – Q&A

Q: What is TAG Day?
A: TAG Day is our biggest single-day fundraiser of the year. On TAG Day, teams of students are assigned neighborhoods and they go door-to-door to introduce the band program, invite families to attend our performances, and ask for a donation. There is a morning shift and an afternoon shift, with a lunch break in between. This year’s goal is $9,000.

Q: Who should participate in TAG Day?
A: TAG Day is a fundraising activity that requires participation from all Broad Run Band parents and students for the greatest success. Participation by at least one parent from each Broad Run Band family helps us canvass the community the most efficiently.

Q: Students will be knocking on doors – how do parents participate?
A: Our biggest need is drivers!  We really need parents who are willing to drive/chaperone – please see the SignUpGenius to volunteer to drive. Vans or SUVs (with 6+ seats) are preferred, but if you have a smaller vehicle, we can use you too. Parent volunteers will receive a folder with instructions, support phone numbers, map of an assigned area, donation envelope and tags. Parents can decide how to most effectively cover their assigned area, keep an eye on students as they go door to door, and most importantly provide encouragement to keep the team going with a positive attitude throughout the day!

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We also need parents to donate a dish for lunch. Please see the SignUpGeniusto indicate whether you will bring a pasta dish or salad. A few volunteers are needed to help with meal set-up and clean-up.

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Ideally, we need families to sign up for a dish *and* sign up to drive our teams.

Q: When is TAG Day?
TAG Day will be on Saturday, September 8, 2018

 8:00 AM:  Arrival at BRHS
8:00 AM –  8:45 AM:   Donuts & Change into Uniform
9:00 AM – 11:45 AM:  Morning TAG Day shift
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM:  Lunch at BRHS
1:30 PM  –  4:15 PM:  Afternoon TAG Day shift
4:15 PM  –  5:00 PM:  Return to BRHS and change out of uniform

We are aware that this is an ACT testing day. Students who are taking the ACT test should plan to participate in TAG Day during the afternoon shift.

If your student has a conflict, please let Mr. Dempsey know:

Q: What will students wear during TAG Day?
A: Winds and percussion will be in Marching Band uniforms, unless it is very hot – final decision will be made late in the week. Color Guard will be wearing show shirt and band shorts.

Q: How will students be assigned to teams?
A: A student sign-up sheet will be posted in the Band Room on Tuesday.

Q: Will students be playing instruments or carrying guard equipment?
A: No, the process goes more smoothly without instruments/equipment.

Q: Should students bring anything with them?
A: We recommend bringing a bottle of water and possibly a small snack. Students should confirm with their driver whether or not eating snacks is permitted while in the car.

Q: What do students do when they knock on doors?
A: We will provide a script along with the TAG Day envelope packets. As money is collected, we recommend handing it to your driver at the end of each block so that a parent keeps tally of all of the money.

Q: Will we be using Square card readers?
A: We are determining how many Square card readers are available and will advise whether we will be using them this year on the morning of TAG Day. Our TAG Day tags reference Paypal – a Paypal link will be placed on the front page of our website.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions about TAG Day so that we can all work together and have a fun time raising money for the Band program!