2018 Purrmaid Shirts Are Here!

** The Purrmaid survived the apocalypse … did you?
———————————————————— Hey Band! (Hey what?)
Purrmaid Shirts are back for their third year! This year we incorporated the show theme into this spooky design. So far we have raised over $350 for the band, and we are looking forward to continuing our fundraiser. Thanks to my design team for your help.
Love, Jeanmarie 🙂
This year, we are offering SIX different shirt colors to choose from and our goal is to sell 50 shirts. Donations (optional) can also be added to your order. The Purrmaid fundraiser will only be open for two weeks.
If you are a member of the band, please select “Bulk shipping” for your order. You do not need to pay for shipping. Bulk shipping items will be mailed directly to Jeanmarie’s mom about two weeks after the end of the fundraiser and she will distribute them in the band room. NOTE: If a band member cannot deliver your order to you, please select “Individual shipping” to pay for shipping and have your order mailed directly to you.
Please share this with family and friends and ask them to share on Facebook.
CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR PURRMAID SHIRT! (www.customink.com/fundraising/the-purrmaid-survived-the-apocalypse-did-you?ref=email_messaging_desktop-campaign-page-share-top-v3&utm_campaign=desktop-campaign-page-share-top-v3&utm_content=the-pur…)
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