2017 Marching Spartans Documents

Our 2017-2018 Commitment Meeting Presentation is now available for viewing:

2017_06_01 Commitment Meeting Presentation


You can also download the presentation for offline reference, and be sure to download a handy reference copy of the Summer and Fall Marching Spartans Schedule:

pdf iconCommitment-Meeting-Presentation.pdf   pdf iconImportant-Dates-for-2017.pdf

And don’t forget your Parent Handbook and Student Handbook.

pdf icon BRHS-Parent-Handbook-2017-FINAL.PDF   pdf icon BRHS-Student-Handbook-2017-FINAL.PDF

If you were unable to attend the Commitment Meeting on June 1st, please download the below-listed documents and:

Complete the following forms:
pdf icon Marching-Program-Commitment-Form-2017-2018-FINAL.PDF

pdf icon Parent-Receipt-for-Commitment-Meeting-2017-2018-FINAL.PDF
pdf icon Volunteer-Form-2017_18-FINAL.PDF

Submit all 3 forms to Mr. Dempsey, without payment, ASAP.

Contact our Treasurer, Kory Fierstine, to arrange for payment of the Deposit or the Total Fees due.

Submit the completed LCPS Form Packet to BRHSBBA personnel no later than the 2nd Day of Visual Fundamentals Clinics (August 3rd)
pdf iconLCPS-Form-Packet-2017_2018.pdf

If you have any questions, contact board@brhsbba.org or speak with Mr. Dempsey.